Equipment Repairs and Rebuilds

Let TMR Manufacturing repair or rebuild your equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. We work on ANY brand and can produce replacement parts in-house while meeting or exceeding original quality specifications, saving money over factory replacement parts.

Replacement screws for Vertical TMR Mixers built to fit your machine

Reflighting Horizontal Feed Mixers and other equipment with augers

TMR Manufacturing can produce or repair any auger with sectional or continuous flighting. 

Reverse engineering and reproduction of a variety of parts.

Customizing or Upgrading Your Equipment

This broken auger discharge was not suitable for our customer's operation. They were looking to upgrade.

TMR Manufacturing produced this chain discharge conveyor with integrated magnets to better suit our customer's needs.

Relining of Horizontal and Vertical TMR feed mixers

Relining Manure Spreaders and other equipment